How to Reinforce a Door

26 Apr

There are most theft issues the may happen in businesses. Most of the burglaries occur when the businesses are closed. In most of the burglar reports, they gain aces to the area through the locks and using the keys. They will use the door to gain access to the business.  Thus, in your business, you face a lot of security threats. For that reason, it is best that you understand that the theft can occur in any business. Therefore, you are supposed to take the necessary security measures for your business. It is therefore important that you keep the business safe from the criminals. In this article, you will find the tip on how to reinforce the door in your business.

You are supposed to begin by reinforcing your door frames. No matter the kind of the silk plate you have installed, the consistent and the forceful kicks to the door, this may end up breaking the door frames. The reason is that the frame that secures the strike plate in position is generally an inch thick. Therefore, it is important that you reinforce your door frame for it to withstand the forceful entry. To strengthen the door frames, you are supposed to install a layer of steel that will protect it from splitting. Thus, the intruders will not gain access using the doors. You should make sure that you have the screens that have penetrated  onto the walls studs on all the sides of the doorway. This is the best way that will ensure that you will have the door jamb strengthened. You can as well choose to change the door frames and use the steel door frame and have it secured with the metal studs. Be sure to learn more for more info!

Also, you can choose to reinforced the edges of your door. The door edges are among the weakest parts of the door. The door edges are secured into the door frame by using the bolts and latch. The bolt and latch do not deal out with the forceful kicks. When you have strengthened the door frames,  the door edges will be damaged  when there is a forceful kick. You need to reinforce the door edges by adding the door wrap around it. Using the door wrap is advantages as it makes a large surface arras that enables to share out the force over. Therefore, it is not easy for one to gain forced entry into the area. Be sure to see more here!

You should protect the hinges of your door. The  doors in the business will musty have the hinges that uncovered theretofore they can be pulled out faster. Also, the door can be pulled out easily from the frame. The best way you can choose to strengthen the hinges is by using the jamb pins. You can also watch this video at for more info about hardware.

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